A Handy Facebook Ads Targeting Trick That’ll Boost Your Campaigns

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As a Facebook marketer, I’m sure you’ve struggled with audience targeting for your campaigns a dozen times. However, it goes without saying that if you master it, you’ll profit from increased ad conversion and decreased cost per conversion.

Although, according to surveys and studies, a large portion of advertisers have confessed they are not getting their desired results from Facebook audience targeting after spending all of their time and effort on it.

That’s why the AdFlex team has decided to show you a more impactful method of audience targeting to generate more conversions and boost your business. You can hardly find marketers using it, but I guarantee this is the ultimate game-changer.

For starters, let’s build a campaign using the conventional targeting procedure. After that, we’ll walk you through our new method with a distinct structure. That way, it’ll be easier for you to make a comparison between these two and pick out the best one.

Creating a standard Facebook ad campaign

  • Initiate the process by heading to Ads Manager and clicking on the green Create button.
  • Depending on your Facebook version, the objectives you encounter after hitting the create button might be different. As far as we know, Facebook is determined to rule out the old version and roll out the new one! If you’re still using the former version, click on Conversions, otherwise, pick out Sales. You can use them interchangeably for the purpose of this article.
  • Because of our chief focus in this article, we won’t change any ad parameters. Instead, we’ll jump over to the ad set level and head to the Audience section. Imagine an e-commerce business that sells yoga accessories such as yoga mats, blocks, belts, etc. Assume you’re targeting the USA or other locations based on your business. And also, for creating an ad campaign for such a business, we’ll reduce the age range to 18-35. And in the Gender section, choose All.
  • Scroll down to Detailed Targeting. After that, you need to put in demographics, interests, and behavior related to the e-commerce business we chose.
  • Under the Interest box, enter “Yoga.”
  • Click on suggestions and add five items related to yoga, such as Yoga Journal,” Yoga International, “Hatha Yoga,” Yoga pants,” and “Meditation.”
  • Turn off detailed targeting expansion. As you can see, in the right column of your Ads Manager, under the category of Audience Definition, you can see that the size of the estimated audience is beyond imagination! Keep that number in mind, and we’ll examine it later.

The steps we mentioned above are the standard method of audience targeting that advertisers use. For a campaign like this, it’s likely for you to see the following results or at least something similar.                                     

  • Amount spent: $1000
  • Conversion: 45
  • Cost per conversion: $22

Remember, numbers are only our assumption for a campaign like this.

Now that you’ve seen the results generated from the conventional targeting methods, we are now about to show you a better way of audience targeting that doubles your results.


Steps of magical targeting

Head back to Ads Manager and repeat the first few steps we took for the standard ad campaign.

  • Click on Create, choose Sales, and continue.
  • Change the campaign name to something else to distinguish this one from the one we created earlier. We changed it to the Magical campaign.
  • Navigate to Ad set level and keep the setting of Age, Locations, and Gender similar to the Standard campaign.
  • Add “Yoga” to the interest box.

The key in this method is entering one detailed targeting option in the Interest box instead of adding a bunch of them.

  • Scroll up and change the ad set name to the Yoga ad set.
  • Minimize the page to access the ads manager’s homepage.
  • Under the category of ad set, you’ll see two ad sets. One is our standard one, and the other is the Yoga ad set.
  • Hover to the Duplicate option under the Yoga ad set and click on it.
  • Make four copies of it. That’ll leave you with five ad sets in the Magical Campaign.
  • Open one of the four copies. Scroll down and remove “Yoga” from interests and add another targeting option like “Yoga Journal.” then change the ad set name to “yoga journal ad set.”
  • Do the same operation for the other three copies. Set a new name and interest for each one using ” Yoga International, “Hatha Yoga,” and “Yoga pants.“

After adjusting all four copies, you’ll have a Magical Campaign with five ad sets. Each has one targeting option and a Standard Campaign with one ad set and five different targeting options all in one place.

Why is the magical method better?

Remember the hypothetical results we had for the Standard Campaign? With generating the Magical campaign and its five ad sets, your results are now broken into five pieces. As expected, instead of a thousand-dollar Amount spent, we’ll have $200 per ad set.

I’m sure as a Facebook advertiser, you’re constantly searching through the Internet and resources to find Facebook Ads targeting tricks and boost the performance of your campaigns. The magical method is among the good ones because it helps you distinguish poor targeting options from well-performing ones and remove them to greatly improve performance and generate more revenue.

As you can see in the chart, we’ve spent the same amount as the previous campaign, and we have the same averages, but our conversion and cost per conversion vary a lot. These results demonstrate that Some ad sets perform poorly, while others have gained better results.

With the Standard campaign version, the results you see are a mixture of five different targeting option performances. However, in the magical format, the results clearly determine which targeting option is acting imperfectly and needs to be eliminated.

For instance, in our example, you can confidently rule out “Yoga,” Yoga International,” and “Yoga pants” ad sets.


If you go ahead and try implementing this method, Facebook tries to stop you with a pop-up warning.

Facebook believes that combining ad sets and campaigns is more cost-effective and minimizes the learning phase time. These two points are valid and acceptable, but it definitely is short-term thinking.

Using the Standard Campaign, which Facebook also recommends, might lead you to better results in a short period. On the other hand, the magical campaign offers better results over the long run.


What are the types of Facebook Ads targeting?

There are three main targeting types available to advertisers in Facebook Ads: Core Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and Custom Audiences.

What is the best time for better targeting in Facebook Ads?

It depends on the target location and audience behavior. It’s best to research your potential customers before running Facebook campaigns to find out their online habits, active time, and interests. You could also check out Facebook performance analysis and reports to identify the times your audience had the most engagement with your ads and tailor your campaign’s visibility and frequency.

What trick can I use in my Facebook Ads targeting?

Facebook’s Magical Targeting method is one of the most effective tricks you could use to squeeze better performance out of your campaigns. The key in this method is entering one detailed targeting option in the Interest box instead of adding a bunch of them.

4 thoughts on “A Handy Facebook Ads Targeting Trick That’ll Boost Your Campaigns

  1. Jim Rodriguez says:

    Of all the countless tips for targeting facebook ads out there, this one was the most interesting. I still have a problem finding the best target audience for my facebook ads though. Any suggestions?

    1. Oliver says:

      to find the best targeting option you can use AdFlex’s detailed targeting feature. first, search for winning ads on your niche on AdFlex, then in ad details you can find the targeting audience for the Facebook ad. Learn how to use AdFlex’s Facebook panel to boost your Facebook Ads Targeting

  2. Therese Lundström says:

    activating ads on facebook is one of the most effective marketing actions to get potential customers from the internet. However, acquisition costs tend to be quite high when your target audience setup doesn’t follow a strategy.

    so why are the targeting costs for facebook ads so high?

    1. Oliver says:

      Hi Therese
      Thanks for your comment. Targeting costs on Facebook isn’t necessarily high for every advertiser. It highly depends on the audience size, the competition for that audience, campaign objective, and multiple other factors.

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