We deliver the edge

An easy interface to solve big problems for all of your campaigns on biggest ad networks

We offer our users

A fresh environment to get insight on winner ads on every ad platform with renovated approach for obtaining complex data and displaying via an smooth interface.


Data in AdFlex comes from the original ad network, eliminating the need for any mediatory medium in between.


AdFlex’s Design stems from the minds of professionals in the field of marketing with more than 15 years of experience.


Our platform is designed based on analysis of many SaaS users, giving us insight how to create an easy-to-use platform.


Our experts technical team has empowered AdFlex to bring data from every ad network across the entire worldwide web.

For everyone

Who is active in marketing, one way or another

AdFlex is designed to help brands and companies to have better insight into their competitors’ activity across the web and make decisions accordingly.
Affiliate marketers can watch their peers and follow up on the competition and also discover profitable offers from all affiliate networks.
Specialists can hunt for winning products and shift their marketing efforts for popular and proven products into new consumers.

Managers and executives in marketing can take benefit from AdFlex in ad design and monitoring their competitors campaigns.

E-commerce experts are able to set up online shops in e-commerce platforms for successful product based on data from AdFlex.
Visionaries can get generic ideas for copies and images to create high-converting ads on effective marketing channels.

Grow your game with AdFlex

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in finding relevant ads in your niche