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Questions you might have

What is AdFlex TikTok?

AdFlex TikTok is an ad spy tool that enables online advertisers to find successful and proven ad formats across TikTok and later apply them in their own ad campaigns on TikTok.

Can I find successful ads using filters on AdFlex?

Yes, AdFlex’s platform enables advertisers to search for ads using an smooth platform. you can search for ads based on region targeting, Age, Gender, Ad type, CTA type, TikTok challenges, Ad owner, the landing page domain and many more.

Can I see whom an ad on TikTok is targeting, individually?

Yes, by navigating into the ad details page for an ad you will have access to which Location, Gender and age the ad is targeting. also you can analyze based on the engagement and growth and the technologies in the landing page

Do I have access to an ad’s landing URL chain?

Thanks to the powerful features of AdFlex, every URL that is detected on an ad’s landing page can be detected and will be visible to all advertisers

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