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Trusted by companies from all over the world!

Trusted by companies from all over the world!

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Find successful and profitable ad campaigns and creatives from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Amazon, Native Ads, and Yahoo! Gemini


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Use never-before-seen features to precisely target creative ads and strategies from your competitor’s campaigns


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Get expert insight into ad networks medium with top-notch filters with an easy application to achieve advanced results with AdFlex as your intelligent tool.


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Lay out ad creative strategy based on the most engaging ads using a high-tech engagement filter and exceptional creative metrics.


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Have access to ad creatives landing page with the ability to detect essential functions and characteristics including Funnel, Affiliate network, CMS, and E-commerce platform

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“Unlike other ad spy tools, the user experience is phenomenal and unique. it also delivers exceptional results with relatively easy and effective UI”

Katie Shackleton
Marketing Strategist

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“Honestly, I was surprised with the level of freshness in the data. All ads are relevant with no errors whatsoever.”

Warwick Brown
Account Manager

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“As an affiliate marketer, the most important element is data reliability. AdFlex has brought together a solid source for facebook ads which has helped my business to grow.”

Thomas Kralow
Affiliate Marketer


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