the Power of Facebook ads

AdFlex’s Facebook ad spy tool, helps you discover endless opportunities for your brand’s success.



There is always a better idea


Precise FB ad targeting

Discover who and where the ad is aimed for and make that your campaign’s main objective using AdFlex’s unique features.


Get data on the ad formatting

Spy on FB ads and find successful ad formats on Facebook to improve ad campaign’s status with top-notch intel.

See who you are dealing with!

Have a clear insight into ads promoted by affiliates, e-commerce specialists, and the technology they are using.

Getting data from valid sources

AdFlex obtains data from Facebook’s original data structures, proofing it to be a valuable resource for finding successful ads.

Providing endless possibilities

The data for FB campaigns’ performance is not necessarily public, but it’s valuable to advertisers. AdFlex can retrieve and display it exquisitely.

A well-equipped spy

With AdFlex, you have dozens of ways to find your intended result. with a variety of filters, sorting options, and search destinations.

Gain your edge

Get straight to the source

Have access to every ad from every advertiser on Facebook

Impeccable cost saving opportunity

Reduce A/B testing on your ad copies and jump into making revenue

Put your mark on genius ideas

Get genuine insight on great campaigns with AdFlex’s ad details feature

Bring innovation to your Facebook Ads strategy

Unparalleled search freedom

Search for specific keywords in pages, domains, copies, or URL chains to find every related ad in a blink of an eye

Easy to use, beautiful to watch

All ad properties, performance records, and landing page details are exquisitely displayed in the details pages

Removing the barriers

No one’s going to be left out. AdFlex has a super handy free version that gives you FULL access to all features

Questions you might have

Is there any tool to spy on Facebook Ads?

Aside from Facebook’s official Ad Library, you can use AdFlex to gain competitive intelligence. AdFlex is a powerful spy tool that collects ads from all placement on Facebook instead of relying on the incomplete and inaccurate Ad Library. It lets you search for the most inspiring ads in your niche, keep in touch with the market, and follow your competitor’s campaigns.

How can I spy on Facebook ads?

Spying on successful Facebook Ads campaigns has plenty of benefits that will ultimately lead to smarter business decisions and more revenue. There are two main ways to do so: Facebook’s Ad Library, which is the official ad archive of the social platform. Or third-party ad intelligence tools, known as “spy tools” like AdFlex.

How can I know competitors’ Facebook Ads targeting?

A Facebook Ads spy tool like AdFlex can help you find out exactly which demographic and locations your rivals are targeting with their campaigns. Facebook lets advertisers target users based on age, gender, location, language, interests, and many more factors. AdFlex can break down all this info to show you precisely where your competitors are focusing on.

How can I see Facebook ads about affiliate networks?

Thanks to the powerful search filters of AdFlex, you can easily find the ads that direct users to websites on affiliate networks. Simply select the network you’re looking for in the “Affiliate Networks” in the Marketing tab and you’re good to go. AdFlex covers almost all major affiliate networks, including Amazon Associates, Awin, ClickBank, and more

How do I monitor my competitors’ Facebook campaigns?

Keeping tabs on your rival’s Facebook Ads campaigns is super easy with a powerful ad spy tool like AdFlex. There are multiple ways available to follow an ad campaign. You can search for your competitor’s name, product, or any other related keyword and view their ads on the results page. Thanks to AdFlex’s *Fanpages* feature, you can check out every ad of a specific advertiser and monitor all their marketing activities on Facebook.

How can I see my competitors’ Shopify Facebook ads?

All major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce, are covered in AdFlex’s search parameters. All you have to do is select the platform of your choosing in the “Ecommerce” section of the marketing tab and search for the keyword.

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