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There is always a better idea

Tested ideas for your FB ad campaigns

AdFlex brings proven ideas from over millions of successful ad campaigns from your competitors on Facebook

Precise Facebook ad targeting

Discover who the ads are aimed for and us that to revamp your advertising campaigns

Research best products and offers

Use the intelligence from AdFlex Facebook ad spy tool to research Affiliate networks, advertisers, popular products and offers

Win against your competitors

Reveal your rivals

Use Fanpage and Domain filters to discover your true competitors on AdFlex’s Facebook ad spy tool

Peek into their Secrets

Look into your competitors’ marketing methods and see what’s missing from your ad campaigns

Improve your brand

Strengthen your ad campaigns using obtained data from your competitors using AdFlex.

Dig into every ad’s
landing page

Cut A/B testing costs

Access pre-tested landing pages belonging to well-performed ads across native ads networks.

Landing page download

Receive ads’ landing pages along with all dependencies (CSS, JavaScript) in one folder

Access URL chain

Analyze ad campaigns and reuse the most optimized version of their landing page

Questions you might have

How can I spy on Facebook ads?

Spying on successful Facebook Ads campaigns has plenty of benefits that will ultimately lead to smarter business decisions and more revenue. There are two main ways to do so: Facebook’s Ad Library, which is the official ad archive of the social platform. Or third-party ad intelligence tools, known as “spy tools” like AdFlex.

How can I know competitors’ Facebook Ads targeting?

A Facebook Ads spy tool like AdFlex can help you find out exactly which demographic and locations your rivals are targeting with their campaigns. Facebook lets advertisers target users based on age, gender, location, language, interests, and many more factors. AdFlex can break down all this info to show you precisely where your competitors are focusing on.

How can I see Facebook ads about affiliate networks?

Thanks to the powerful search filters of AdFlex, you can easily find the ads that direct users to websites on affiliate networks. Simply select the network you’re looking for in the “Affiliate Networks” in the Marketing tab and you’re good to go. AdFlex covers almost all major affiliate networks, including Amazon Associates, Awin, ClickBank, and more

How do I monitor my competitors’ Facebook campaigns?

Keeping tabs on your rival’s Facebook Ads campaigns is super easy with a powerful ad spy tool like AdFlex. There are multiple ways available to follow an ad campaign. You can search for your competitor’s name, product, or any other related keyword and view their ads on the results page. Thanks to AdFlex’s *Fanpages* feature, you can check out every ad of a specific advertiser and monitor all their marketing activities on Facebook.

How can I see my competitors’ Shopify Facebook ads?

All major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce, are covered in AdFlex’s search parameters. All you have to do is select the platform of your choosing in the “Ecommerce” section of the marketing tab and search for the keyword.

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